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Transforming EHS Function from Chaos to World Class (Part 2)

Transforming EHS Function from Chaos to World Class (Part 2): Building a Business Case & Selecting an EHS MIS Platform

Acquisition of an enterprise EHS MIS solution should ideally involve two key elements:

1) A solid business case
2) A systematic process for selecting an EHS MIS platform

EHS MIS funding requests generally fail when business cases are either non-strategic, too flimsy or lack the ability to capture a platform’s ability to aid in cost avoidance versus cost reduction. In essence, decision-makers who hold the purse strings must be presented with “compelling reasons” for sign-off on a platform purchase. Once funding has been approved, a methodical selection process ensures your company chooses the right solution to meet the needs of your organization.

This interactive webinar will give you insights on:

– 7 Steps in Building a Software Platform Business Case
– Key Building Blocks of an EHS MIS Business Case
– 5 Key Stages in EHS MIS Selection
– Navigating through Needs Vs. Wants
– And more….

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