ProcessMAP Helping Customers Manage And Mitigate Risk

For more than 15 years, the firm ProcessMAP has developed a cloud-based software platform to help organizations manage risk in the areas of Health & SafetyRisk & ClaimsCompliance & Quality, and Environment & Sustainability. These areas contain many different activities across a firm and require a variety of management approaches and forms of data from internal and external systems. The ProcessMAP software platform features numerous, but highly integrated modules to support a firm through data collection, impact measurement, data analytics, performance reporting and risk reduction. The platform focuses on risks in areas such as employee safety, health and wellness, supply chain, customer safety, property and fleet management, and financial management.

ProcessMAP understands that its customers need not only out-of-the-box functionality but also the ability to reorient the software to meet specific needs within and beyond the enterprise. For example, personnel must be able to connect the platform to various workflows for specific stakeholders in an organization – such as EHS, operations, human resources, procurement, investor relations and executive management. In addition, software should have API gateways, so it can integrate with other internal and external data sets and share information to help achieve comprehensive initiatives. Software also should have the flexibility to be deployed in specific ways and be scaled to cover a firm’s unique needs. Furthermore, the software has been designed to meet the data requirements of a value chain of connected firms. Enterprises, their upstream suppliers and their downstream customers can collaboratively manage risks and audit performance for a range of issues by sharing a common ProcessMAP platform.

In order to best serve diverse customer needs, ProcessMAP has targeted its offerings to several different types of firms based on their needs, maturity and organizational size. For customers that it classifies as Enterprise (organizations with 10,000+ employees), ProcessMAP deploys its full platform of management modules that can serve broad organizational activities and leverage the firm’s’ internal IT teams for ongoing maintenance and refinement. For Edge customers (organizations with 2,000 – 10,000 employees), the ProcessMAP platform is designed for scaling to a more limited set of risk metrics, organizational objectives and IT resources. The firm’s Essential customers (organizations with <2,000 employees) have an even smaller focus for data collection and risk management as well as typically being most interested in individual software modules and out-of-the-box functionality within those areas.

This blog was originally published by Verdantix, and has been reprinted with the organization’s permission. Click Here to read the blog on Verdantix website. 

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