Risk Management Software: What To Look For In A Solution

Risk is prevalent in all industries, and every organization should be prepared for incidents in the workplace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that workplace injuries across all industries occurred at an average rate of 2.8 instances for every 100 employees. Although the prevalence of workplace injuries is still alarming, this number represents a gradual decline. The primary reason for this decline is the rise of risk management technology as a means of mitigating and preventing incidents.

When your organization is ready to take on a comprehensive workplace safety interface, you should know exactly what to look for from your technology solution. Learn more about what to seek out in a risk management solution.


One feature that you must look for in a risk management solution is one that not only allows for collaboration, but also encourages it. A comprehensive risk assessment tool provides a platform for all members of an organization to view information that is accurate and updated in real time. When someone comes across a workplace hazard or experiences an incident or close call, they can share this development with their peers in order to make sure no other individuals are put in harm’s way.

In addition to sharing information in order to prevent others from being affected by workplace hazards, a collaborative platform can help workers get in touch with managers, business leaders and other higher-ups to find long-term solutions for preventing related incidents in the future. In doing so, organizations are effectively creating a promoting an incident-free workplace safety culture.

Monitoring and Measuring

Risk Management Software

There are many times when an incident happens in the workplace that it gets resolved and everyone moves on. Another common occurrence is a close call: an employee encounters a danger but is not harmed, then reports it to his or her manager, only to have no immediate changes enacted to mitigate this issue.

Then another employee comes across this issue and experiences an accident because of a lack of response to the close call. An effective risk management system goes above and beyond in tracking and assessing risks and close calls proactively. Instead of waiting for an accident to happen, organizations that use a high-quality risk assessment software handle workplace dangers before they escalate. In addition, these businesses track the risk management process from start to finish. From the moment a workplace danger is located to the instant it is resolved, businesses can report on each development in the process, finally alerting its employees the moment the issue is resolved.

Accessible and User-friendly

To make sure all employees have access to an EHS tool, it’s imperative that businesses deploy a user-friendly interface. Although it may take for users to full adopt it, an EHS solution should never be overly complicated. The less user-friendly a solution is, the less likely employees will be to use it, especially if they’re dealing with hectic schedules. If your business wants to make sure all employees know how to use the technology to the fullest, it may be beneficial to hold a training session for staff to become proficient users of this technology.

Just as important as ease of use is EHS system is accessibility. When employees have to go back to their desks to report a potential hazard or close call in the workplace, they may forget about it by the time they go to report it. Or, even worse, they may not be able to report this incident immediately, meaning one of their coworkers may come into contact with this hazard before it can be reported and dealt with. A mobile solution allows employees to report the emergence of workplace risks at the moment they come across them. Not only does this allow for updated information, but it also immediately alerts managers and business leaders of issues they need to find solutions to.

How ProcessMAP Can Reduce Workplace Risks

When you work with ProcessMAP’s Risk Assessment solution, you have the opportunity to analyze your risks and develop comprehensive plans to prevent or mitigate their effects on your business. Our platform allows you to document and record this information in one place, making it easy to provide follow-ups with key stakeholders. Get in touch with us to find out how you can innovate your workplace risk assessment to become proactive in your attempts to rid the space of accidents.

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