EBT Innovation - A Key Enabler For Employees To Return To Work

While companies around the world have grappled with the challenge of managing through the COVID-19 crisis, ProcessMAP Corporation, the industry leader in offering a data intelligence platform for employee Health and Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (EHS), has been conducting one of the largest EHS leadership roundtable – Winning COVID-19 with ProcessMAP  – on a weekly basis.  The weekly forum brings together distinguished EHS leaders from Fortune 1000 companies, experts from the fields of public health, legal, and technology sectors to share effective strategies, best practices, and innovative solutions to minimize the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on employee safety and business operations.

As part of our weekly thought leadership and best practices roundtable discussion, we had the privilege to hear from Lidia Peterson, who serves as the Executive Director, Environment, Safety and Health at Vectrus, a 7,200 employee company that provides facility and base operationssupply chain and logistics servicesinformation technology mission support; and engineering and digital technology services primarily to U.S. Government customers around the world.  Lidia also chairs the COVID-19 pandemic planning and leadership council.  We learned how the company uses its Vectrus Operations Center (VOC) that serves as the integration center for Vectrus to manage key aspects of responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Vectrus has successfully implemented an enterprise-wide framework to prevent the spread of the virus and has taken a systematic approach to screening, quarantining, and managing infected employees.  In the virtual roundtable, there was keen interest from the audience on Vectrus’ methodology on its Exposure Decision Tree and their approach to a Person Under Investigation (PUI); the key pillars to keep employees and contractors safe. Lidia shared her perspective on the key steps that Vectrus has undertaken to minimize supply chain disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic. As our entire customer base is looking forward to opening their businesses and operations, it was a learning opportunity for everyone to hear Lidia’s views on getting buildings and workplaces prepared. 

Thank you Lidia for your insights and views, your passion for keeping your employees and clients safe, and your willingness to share with the entire EHS community as we continue to navigate the new normal. 

Interesting Fact:  Vectrus is a leading employer of veterans. 35% of Vectrus employees have military backgrounds. 

This blog is a part of a new series of curated content that ProcessMAP will be sharing with the larger EHS community. Click Here to read the next blog in this series.


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