Stay Prepared During National Safety Month In June

June is National Safety Month – what is your company doing to keep its workers safe? The National Safety Council works with organizations around the U.S. to raise awareness for the mitigation of preventable deaths.

In an increasingly digital world, employee safety is becoming easier to maintain – with the right tools. 

Safety management software can give health and safety compliance managers the valuable insight they need to keep workers safe on the job.

Breaking down accidents
The rate in which preventable injuries occur has risen drastically in recent years. According to the NSC, 136,053 lives were lost in 2014 due to these accidents – the most ever recorded and an overall increase of 57 percent since 1992, when the statistic was at its lowest.

No employee should have to go to work with the thought that they could find themselves in a dangerous situation at a moment’s notice. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has set up guidelines to ensure the utmost precautions are taken at worksites, and are incorporated into standard safety practices.

Mobile risk assessment can help create a safer workplace.

Transparency in a company’s risk assessment protocol is key in limiting unsafe conditions from ever taking form. Not only does it keep employees safe, but taking the time to strategize and develop sound safety procedures can also result in ample return on investment. OSHA reported that work-related injuries cost employers nearly $1 billion a week in compensation costs alone. Companies that curb their rate of accidents can see increased profit margins through elevated productivity performance and also gain the peace of mind that accompanies creating a safe work environment.

Digitizing health and safety

Hazard analysis software fosters a new breed of safety protocols by turning real-time analytics into actionable data. By incorporating injury history with insights into how best to prevent them, health and safety compliance managers can severely reduce the risk of an accident occurring.

“Increasing awareness of how, when, where and to whom accidents occur is the first step in reducing the risk of injury; the next step is to practice proven injury prevention,” Alan C. McMillan, president and chief executive officer of NSC, said in the press release.

Using ProcessMAP’s robust EHS platform, companies have cut their incident rates by as much as 50 percent. The platform correlates claims costs with incident root cause and factors such as employment tenure, location and age. This analysis identifies trends and delivers powerful data-driven dashboards, alerts and insights that mitigate safety incidents, while minimizing financial risk exposure.

The solution to ridding the workplace of preventable injuries lies in the name itself – by understanding why and how these accidents happen. Companies use data every day to understand how the business performs at the ground-level and how it can improve – they would be wise to incorporate the same practices into daily habits to help create a safe work environment.

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