Thyssenkrupp Elevators Transforms Safety Performance With ProcessMAP Cloud And Mobile EHS Solutions

On a recent ProcessMAP EHS Leadership RoundtableGabriel Maldonado, Corporate Safety Manager for tkE (ThyssenKrupp Elevators) discussed the value of ProcessMAP’s solutions to their corporate safety program.  tkE is one of the world’s leading elevator companies.  They offer a variety of technologies including elevators, airport bridges, escalators and ADA-compliant transportation. tkE supports customers in more than 100 countries around the world, more than 1,000 locations and employs more than 55,000 associates globally.  The company’s safety team is constantly looking out for new ways of improving the safety performance of the organization and effective ways of measuring success. 

Prior State Challenges

Prior to engaging with ProcessMAP, tkE was managing safety manually with the help of spreadsheets, completing numerous paper forms, and consequently had limited transparency in their reporting because of the time it takes to collect and share information.  Compiling reports was a time-intensive and labor-intensive process. The company didn’t have a reporting infrastructure that could roll up individual location-level data into a consolidated view. Instead, they amassed an assortment of reports, imported them into spreadsheets and then produced a consolidated report. 

Thyssenkrupp Elevators and ProcessMAP

Digital Transformation with ProcessMAP

Since implementing ProcessMAP software, tkE has digitally transformed its EHS processes. The centralized solutions have been configured to accommodate all of the customizations and industry-specific requirements. Now the tkE safety team is able to enjoy full transparency and accessibility to all safety records. The team is now able to auto-generate advanced analytics reports, and are able to cross reference compliance data to be able to report to agencies such as OSHA and the Department of Transportation. When tkE first deployed its EHS system, they wanted a tool that would be intuitive, easy to use, and provide ACT (Accurate, Complete and Timely) data intelligence. One of the efficiencies using ProcessMAP created was an integration with tkE’s TPA for more Immediate claim processing. Prior to the ProcessMAP implementation, tkE first had to complete an incident report, then fax it or email it. Any additional information regarding the claim had to be emailed, or scanned and faxed. Preparing a claim on paper took three to five minutes to complete and submit. Approval would take another couple of hours. Now with ProcessMAP it takes a maximum of 10 minutes!

Key Drivers for tkE  to Adopt ProcessMAP EHSQ Cloud Software

When tkE made the decision to adopt ProcessMAP for its EHS software, it considered several factors. First was real-time data intelligence. Being able to pull a report right away that includes the complete field  inspection, audits and regular tasks. tkE found that the ProcessMAP system helped the safety team to move from reactive to proactive EHS processes, enabling employees who see something amiss to correct it right away and develop strategies to prevent the issue from recurring. tkE appreciated the mobile aspect of ProcessMAP’s software, as it enabled their field technicians, who carry either a tablet or their phone, to be able to use the system. tkE users appreciate that the ProcessMAP mobile apps are easy to use and very intuitive. The apps offered on-demand analytics that uncovered hidden risks for tkE. Being able to use the apps in different languages was also helpful to tkE’s workforce, who currently utilize apps in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.  In addition to the different languages, depending on where in the world tkE’s customers are located, there can be different compliance requirements.  

tkE uses ProcessMAP’s Incident Management mobile app to record incidents and claims. The solution is natively integrated with tkE’s TPA to help expedite workers’ compensation claims. Activity and Task Management allows tkE to track any activity coming from the field as a corrective action or a preventive action. tkE utilizes Audits Management to conduct their audits and inspections, and report any findings. The Sustainability Performance Management solution allows tkE to develop their own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). tkE has worked with ProcessMAP to develop multiple dashboards and several KPIs that are industry specific for elevators. Learning management has enabled tkE to distribute and track the training and tools needed in order to perform their jobs safely.

Key Metrics and Results Achieved 

As a result of using ProcessMAP’s software, tkE has been able to measure significant results.

  • 108% increase in number of unique user logins over one year. tkE first introduced ProcessMAP to users in U.S., followed by Latin America and then Canada. The system has been easy to use, intuitive, which encourages more individuals to use the system.
  • 178% increase in the number of unique user logins on the mobile app in one year – When tkE moved to the mobile platform and adapted all the modules for mobile devices, they wanted simple-to-use apps to encourage adoption.
  • Near misses increased by 484% – being able to report near misses or unsafe conditions on a tablet or cell phone in elevator environments has been key to tkE employees reporting near misses. 
  • 54% Increase in incident investigations completed within 24 hours – previously, incident investigations could take between 30 and 60 days at tkE.  Being able to complete an investigation and submit findings by phone within 24 hours has dramatically reduced the time it takes tkE to close incident investigations. 
  • 112% increase in calendar action on-time closure rate over one year –  This metric shows that managers and supervisors are tracking action items and closing them on a regular basis. Managers are able to complete and capture digital inspections and document their completion. 
  • 14% reduction in restricted duty cases over one year – another significant milestone for tkE, they are now able to use their ProcessMAP software to enter cases into Incident Management, and begin the process for transitional duty almost instantly. Approval can take about 20 minutes,  and tkE is able to help the individual find a reasonable accommodation, allowing the individual to continue working, feeling productive and not losing wages at all.
  • 16% increase in adherence to the tkE safety program – the elevator industry is a high-risk business, and injuries can be severe to catastrophic.  For tkE to see an increase in adherence by their 55,000 employees can mean the difference between life and death, or recovering from a life-changing injury. tkE attributes the increase in adherence to the program because the apps are easy to use and convenient, making it easier for employees to comply. 

To learn how ProcessMAP can help you transform your EHS performance, sign up for a free trial, today!

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