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Audit Management Software

Streamline EHS Compliance With Audit Management Software

ProcessMAP’s Enterprise Compliance Management suite simplifies the challenge of managing organization-wide audits programs. Since the audit related data is captured within a single platform for the entire enterprise, data mining, benchmarking, and trend analysis processes are significantly improved. With this solution, stakeholders can collaborate, communicate, report, track, and share information during the entire EHS audit lifecycle.


  • Non-Conformance Management

  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Never Miss a Deadline

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Systematic Audit Program Management

    Audit management software streamline processes to effortlessly manage all aspects of an audit program with a solution based on the proven Plan-Do-Check-Act principles.

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    Turn Data to Actionable Intelligence

    Easily retrieve data for historical trend analysis and risk based models, while improving data mining, benchmarking, and analysis.                 

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    Identify Pain Points

    Assign a score to each audit question to help EHS managers track progress over auditing cycles and enable continuous program improvement.

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    Enable Benchmarking

    Compare facilities, divisions, and other operating units by generating scorecards. These will assist management in assessing improvement made over time.


Calculate metrics at a facility or corporate level. Simple representation of the data allows for easy interpretation and helps in presenting both macro and micro level perspectives.


Create and manage protocols by selecting questions based on regional and operational regulations. Once created, these protocols can be combined to form a comprehensive questionnaire.


Interface with SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and other Enterprise HR systems to populate data in the system. The platform can also integrate with data mining tools for advanced analysis.


Provides a summary of historical data of audit programs, action items, and key statistics. These reports can be exported to multiple formats to help EHS Managers roll-up data for executive management review.


Capture and deploy CAPAs to facility staff and designate a fixed time frame for their closure.


Enables the system to notify specific users throughout the audit process. Timely reminders allow personnel involved to adhere to the deadlines set by corporate.


Test the facilities’ compliance against audit questionnaires already added in the system. Users can easily create questionnaires and trend the responses against previous years.


Initiate and effectively manage multiple audit programs in multiple locations. Based on scores achieved and the findings, corrective and preventive actions can be initiated and documented leading up to their closure.


Allocate users and setup group level permissions to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the system.


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