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Behavior Based Safety Software

A World class solution for your safety program

Behavior Based Safety tracking is key to understanding and improving the safety culture of an organization. The underlying principle is to change human behavior through regular observations and sharing on-going feedback. This necessitates implementing a world-class enterprise BBS system. ProcessMAP has developed a novel BBS module with adaptability at its core. The solution enables our clients to implement programs that can be quickly configured to mirror their culture and organizational requirements, which institutionalizes desired behaviors into habits.


  • Reinforce Safety Focused Behavior

  • Effectively Track Behavioral Data

  • Better Communication for Strategic Decisions

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Set Common and Shared Goals

    Set company-wide goals and behaviors, driven by your organization’s corporate safety objectives, and collect and monitor data using one centralized system.

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    Strengthen Behavior into Habits

    Monitor the progress of positive behaviors among employees and set up rules and feedback processes to change them permanently into habits.

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    Greater Management Involvement

    Schedule tasks to promote daily managerial activities and track management involvement using specific KPIs or checklists.

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    Greater Insight into Behavior Data

    Get better insights with automated reports, trend analysis, and leading and lagging indicators to facilitate proactive decision making.


Management Involvement Monitor


Explore our extensive Behavior Checklist to build a comprehensive database of key indicators. The application has multiple data entry points for easy record-keeping.


Use the data visualization tools to understand employee participation and behavior related data to understand various perspectives.


Enjoy the full support of our Enterprise Foundation Module. Align business rules, reporting templates, security roles, and permission with your organization's needs.


Integrate with the Incident Management Module to benchmark leading vs. lagging indicators. Seamlessly interface with third party applications, such as SAP or HR systems.


Manage task and corrective actions, which are closely linked to observations by role, group, or individual. Receive regular notifications on due dates and updates.


Get quick updates on the most important trends and indicators generated from your BBS program. Measure results against goals to identify gaps.


Create and print observation cards for regular safety observations. The solution closely integrates the observation card and the data with the overall program for effective implementation.


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