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Ergonomics Management

Efficiently Manage Ergonomics Data and Employee Health

ProcessMAP’s Ergonomics Management solution provides a practical tool for quantifying ergonomic risk factors such as repetitive motion, awkward postures, and forceful exertions using best-in-class industry assessment tools including, but not limited to the NIOSH Lifting Equation and Strain Index. The system's intuitive interface enables a seamless user experience for Ergonomists and non-Ergonomists alike.


  • Enhanced Visibility

  • Mitigate Risks and Protect Employee Health

  • Proactive Prevention

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Centralized Database

    Provides a central repository for managing ergonomic related information across your organization.

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    Automated Task Management

    Sends email notifications based on Assessment Status, Analysis Type, and Assessment Review.

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    Built-in Ergonomic Analysis Tools

    Calculates risk level for tasks, prioritizes risks and provides easy to understand assessment results.

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    Flexible & Configurable

    Enables easy data field changes to fit organizational requirements, personal preferences, or both.


Built to be user-friendly, the ergonomic assessment screen is easy to complete and helps ensure consistent data entry for analysis. Most fields are populated by making selections from drop down menus and pick lists, which limits the time spent entering data and allows for better data trending.


The built-in ergonomic analysis tools are proven to be effective in identifying and assessing ergonomic risk factors. With the system, you can utilize multiple types of ergonomic analysis tools when conducting an assessment. The analysis tools are independent of each other, allowing the flexibility to turn the tools on or off based on your requirements.


The Ergonomic Assessment Report provides a one page summary of the assessment details, individual risk scores and levels for each ergonomic analysis tool utilized, all associated action items with their current status, and a record of the assessment approval. The report can be saved, emailed, or printed to share with employees. Additional detailed reports are also available for each individual ergonomic analysis tool utilized.


The system provides the flexibility for users to easily set-up and save their own custom views within the Ergonomics module. You can filter results and export them into various file formats for analysis and sharing. Report templates are available in the platform’s Reports Central, allowing you to easily configure custom ergonomics reports to view data and trends across departments, locations, and geographic regions. There are also options to automatically email reports to as many individuals as required and on an established frequency.


Users can use the views provided to easily track action items to closure within the ergonomics module or the Activity Management module. In addition, users have the option to set-up and save their own views for managing action items.


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