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Hazard Analysis Management Software

Prioritize your EHS Tasks with ProcessMAP's Hazard Analysis Suite

ProcessMAP’s Hazard Analysis Management Software suite is a web-based application for managing all aspects of operational hazards. The suite enables organizations to have a central repository to store all critical information related to jobs or other hazards. With this application, users have the flexibility to establish assessment frequency, generate employee notification of required corrective actions, and record all details of a hazard analysis.

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Hazard Analysis Management

  • Extensive Hazards Library

  • Hazard Estimation On-the-Go

  • Intelligent Reporting and Analytics

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    One-Shot Hazard Analysis

    Save time in assessing current hazard levels by recording findings, tracking hazards, and consistently assigning corrective actions assigning.

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    Exceptional Controls Management

    Mitigate common hazards with our Hazard Analysis Management software, which creates an inventory of standardized, industry, or customized controls.

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    Comprehensive Hazard Analysis

    Evaluate the hazards associated with each job by calculating a Hazard Analysis Score based on frequency, severity, and likelihood.

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    Enterprise-wide Task Handling

    Decrease hazards by creating and assigning multiple tasks to track corrective and preventative actions related to all jobs.

Hazard Analysis Management Software Features

Create and manage customized operational hazards and risks, track baseline assessment and reassessment dates, and create a library of hazards and risks for future reference.


Verify hazard assessments using the approval function in the solution for oversight. A draft report of the hazard analysis is submitted to the approver (user) before being permanently stored in the system.


ProcessMAP’s Hazard Analysis Management software module is integrated with our Environment, Health and Safety module and the Calendar and Activity Management module.


Create corrective actions to reduce and mitigate hazards/risks, track all upcoming due dates for pending actions, and set up ownership assignments to ensure responsible parties are notified of tasks and deadlines. Rule-based notifications can be set up to automatically generate alerts for activities that are assigned, due or past-due.


Assign controls related to elimination, substitution, engineering, administrative, and PPEs for each hazard existing in the organization. Controls for each hazard can be added/deleted/modified by the user as necessary.


Rate individual job steps to tackle identified hazards based on the Hazard Rating Number (HRN). Easily customize the risk rating criteria specific to your organization's needs.


Generate reports in various formats, including excel, pdf, CSV, etc. from the system's Report Central based on user-defined user criteria i.e. department, facility, corporate.


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