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Health & Safety

ProcessMAP offers the most integrated suite of Health and Safety software solutions in the market that empower organizations to streamline Health and Safety related processes and manage associated risks. These solutions establish company-wide consistency and provide real-time insight to improve the overall Health and Safety performance.


Health and Safety Management Software

ProcessMAP offers the most integrated suite of Health and Safety software solutions in the market that empower organizations to streamline Health and Safety related processes and manage associated risks. These solutions establish company-wide consistency and provide real-time insight to improve the overall Health and Safety performance.

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Incident Management

Incident Management

Used by Fortune 500 clients in over 90 countries, ProcessMAP's Six-Sigma based Incident Management solution provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Streamlined, automated management of work related, environmental, property, and vehicle incidents
  • Built-in OSHA 300, 301, and 300A form fields
  • Easy to configure to your organization's requirements
  • Root cause analysis enabled by embedded analytics tools
Integrated Incident & Claims Management

Integrated Incident & Claims Management

Get real-time insight on enterprise risk to improve employee safety and your bottom line. ProcessMAP's integrated incident and claims management module equips you to:

  • Centrally report incidents & claims
  • Manage investigations through closure
  • Perform root cause analysis
  • Assign & manage Corrective and Preventative Actions
  • Correlate Safety & Claims Data through TPA integration
Audits Management

Audits Management

Audit programs involve large numbers of personnel and require considerable collaboration. ProcessMAP's software solution drives compliance by enabling:

  • Enterprise-wide communication
  • Efficient allocation of resources
  • Accountability for corrective actions
  • Concise reports and documentation for audit trails
Activity & Action Items Management

Activity & Action Items Management

ProcessMAP's scalable web-based Activity & Action Items Management solution saves you time, while increasing compliance. With built-in alerts, customers are able to:

  • Standardize task management format across geographies and facilities
  • Track tasks and action items driven by regulatory, corporate, and management requirements
  • Establish accountability, provide visibility, manage risk, and retain knowledge
  • Efficiently manage and link each CAPA with audit findings
Industrial Hygiene Management

Industrial Hygiene Management

Demonstrate your Industrial Hygiene (IH) leadership with ProcessMAP's easy-to-use software, which enables you to:

  • Effortlessly manage each site’s IH program
  • Minimize risks to promote a healthy work environment
  • Safeguard and improve your workforce health by managing occupational exposure levels
  • Search chemicals based on alphabets, manufacturer name, product type, ingredients, properties, CAS number, etc.
Ergonomics Management

Ergonomics Management

Ergonomics Management solution provides a practical tool for quantifying ergonomic risk factors such as repetitive motion, awkward postures, and forceful exertions using best-in-class industry assessment tools including, but not limited to the NIOSH Lifting Equation and Strain Index.

  • Provides a central repository for managing ergonomic related information across your organization.
  • Calculates risk level for tasks, prioritizes risks and provides easy to understand assessment results.
  • Sends email notifications based on Assessment Status, Analysis Type, and Assessment Review.
  • Enables easy data field changes to fit organizational requirements, personal preferences, or both.
Occupational Health Management

Occupational Health Management

ProcessMAP’s cloud based Occupational Health Management solution provides visibility to enterprise-wide employee medical records, enables centralized storage and tracking, and ensures regulatory compliance.

  • Electronically tracks employee health data and monitors key wellness indicators.
  • Provides centralized access company-wide health risks and performance through a KPI library.
  • Eliminates data redundancy and enables better communication.
  • Manages and tracks wellness, medical treatment, OSHA mandated exams, workers’ compensation cases.
Behavior Based Safety Management

Behavior Based Safety Management

Behavior Based Safety is key to understanding and improving an organization's safety culture. ProcessMAP's solution mirrors your company requirements, enabling you to:

  • Set goals for behaviors - driven by the corporate vision
  • Track management involvement using KPIs and checklists
  • Record observations and share ongoing feedback
  • Get better insights with automated reports, trend analysis, and leading indicators
Hazard Analysis Management

Hazard Analysis Management

ProcessMAP’s Hazard Analysis solution helps you manage all facets of the hazards associated with jobs, providing you with:

  • Database to record and store all critical information related to jobs or other hazards
  • Reports based on user defined criteria (Excel, pdf, csv, etc.)
  • Flexibility to establish assessment frequency and priority based on severity and likelihood
  • Easy assignment and tracking of pending actions items
Chemicals & SDS Management

Chemicals & SDS Management

Save time and money with an efficient site specific chemical approval process and improved chemicals analysis. ProcessMAP's solution yields many benefits, including:

  • Central tool for approved chemical lists, banned chemicals, and SDS repository
  • REACH compliance activity management - regardless of quantities and composition of chemicals used
  • Access to SDS as a part of right-to-know requirements
  • HMIS & NFPA compliant log and label generation
Integrated Training Management

Integrated Training Management

ProcessMAP’s Training Management solution enables you to create, schedule, reschedule, track and report on employee’s training and certifications – all from a central software interface.

  • Manages training metrics and activities such as scheduling, tracking, attendance, instructor related activities, and course selection.
  • Provides a comprehensive gap analysis to identify individual or user group needs and design training plans accordingly.
  • Maintains employee training records for participation and performance tracking. Automates reminders to stakeholders for upcoming and overdue activities.
  • Eliminates the cost and complexity of content management through integration with online regulatory and audit content providers.
Document Management

Document Management

Designed by ISO-certified auditors and health and safety experts, ProcessMAP’s Document Management solution enables organizations to ensure the consistency, organization, and security of essential documents.

  • Manage all documents within a centralized, online system.
  • See a clear history of document edits, versions, and approvals within the robust audit trail.
  • Streamline the completion, review, and approval of your documents with automated workflows and reminder tools.
  • Comply with document control requirements common to management standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, RC 14001, and more.
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