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Integrated Incident & Claims Management

The right solution provides companies with real-time insight on enterprise risk

ProcessMAP offers world-class incident and claims management modules. Our enterprise platform can be used for incident/claim reporting, managing investigation, performing root cause analysis and corrective actions management. A cloud-based architecture allows for seamless integration with most Third Party Administrators (TPAs) for claims management.


  • Real-time Intelligence

  • Next-Generation Analytics

  • OSHA Compliant Recordkeeping

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Increase Return on Investment

    Visibility to incident data leads to timely corrective and preventive actions, reduces claims, and increases earnings per share, EBITDA, and employee productivity.

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    Automate Claims Submittal to TPA

    Seamless two-way integration with TPA systems enables claims management data exchange and helps eliminate duplicate processes.

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    Streamlined Reporting Process

    Details and results of incident investigations and corrective action can be entered, managed, and tracked in one platform, which increases efficiency.                           

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    Improve Safety through Root Cause Analysis

    Built-in, best-in-class investigation and root cause analysis tools such as 5-Why, Fish-Bone, and others can be easily configured based on customer needs.


Integrated Incident and Claims Management enables user to view detailed incident dashboards, as well as view/edit incident details such as witness details, nature of injury or illness, body parts, contributing factors, investigation findings, CAPAs, and supporting files (audio, video, documents, etc.).


Track key metrics related to claims, such as Claims by Policy Year, Total Incurred Trend by Accident, Open vs. Closed Claims, Incurred vs. Paid claims, Loss Stratification of Claims, Lag Time Reporting, Litigation Flags, PPO Penetration, etc. on a real-time basis.


Track your safety performance with a 360 degree view of records and metrics, such as Total Recordable Cases, Total Lost Work Day Cases, Total Lost Work Days, Total Restricted Duty Cases, Total Restricted Duty Days, Lost Work Day Injury, Lost Time Accident, OSHA Recordable Incident Rates, Monthly/YTD/12 Month Rolling Averages, Days Away, Restricted, Transferred.


View dynamic incident reports and charts including OSHA 300, 301, and 300A Reports, Safety Indices, Incident Summary Reports, Workers' Compensation Reports, Employee Statement Reports, Witness Statement Reports, Daily Status Reports, Incident Records By Filters, Custom Reports.


Keep on top of deadlines and deliverables with features such as action items tracking by due date, ownership assignment by role, group, or individual, rule based e-mail notifications, e-mail reminders and alerts, daily reports on tasks.


Easily set up the system to fit your needs. Manage roles & permissions, reporting templates, and lookup values such as nature of injury/illness, medical diagnosis, body parts, unsafe conditions, behavioral factors, and root causes.


Seamlessly correlate data to make smart business decisions. The platform easily integrates with other applications, including SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Third Party Administrators, SSO, and payroll systems.


Quickly retrieve information and updates on case management, case history and logs, OSHA forms (300, 301, 301A), RIDDOR Forms, workers' compensation reports, etc. Integration with third party systems enables users to correlate workers' compensation data and reduce claims costs.


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