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Incident Management Software

Demonstrate your safety leadership

Incident management software provides you with a one-stop solution to streamline and automate your health and safety efforts. Customers leverage our robust and integrated incident management solution to access critical workplace safety information and build a strong safety culture. Used by Fortune 500 clients worldwide in over 90 countries, ProcessMAP’s Incident Management system is configurable to fit your specific organizational requirements. The Six-Sigma-based Incident Investigation empowers you to take control and improve your organization’s overall safety performance. This solution helps manage workplace safety and spans across various incident types, including:

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Incident Management

This solution helps manage workplace safetyand spans across various incident types, including

  • Injury & Illness

  • Environmental

  • Property & Fleet

Business Value and Competitive Advantages

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    In-depth Trend Analysis

    Enables users to identify key areas for focus to better and faster decision-making and monitor key performance areas that require follow-up.

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    Flexible, Secure & Scalable Platform

    Flexible and configurable at different managerial levels. A User-friendly interface accommodates your operational preferences and unique business processes.

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    Boosting Employee Morale

    It serves as a mechanism to motivate your workforce to adopt safe behaviors by assigning ownership for individual safety responsibilities.

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    Intuitive Platform

    Sleek and highly intuitive interface provides a snapshot of performance or a drill down view. It gives users the ability to create a flash record immediately after an incident

Incident Management Software Features

Comprehensive dashboards provide real-time visibility of performance metrics to stakeholders on-demand. Offers configurable layout and templates of graphs.


Report and edit incident details through a quick link. Automatic notifications are sent to all relevant stakeholders daily or upon completion of a milestone or an event.


Track your company's safety performance with a complete view of records and metrics such as Lost Time Accident (LTA) and Lost Work Day Case (LWDC). Automatic calculation of various incident rates.


Each location can be set-up to have its own review/approval hierarchy for each incident type and location level. Ensure timely completion of objectives and establish clear accountability.


Empowers managers with complete control to track employees’ health. Classify cases as per your company’s defined recordable and local needs. The system provides an audit provides trail of case revision – with user information and modification time.


Detailed investigation of the incident with identifying contributing factors. Root Cause analysis, 5-Why methodology with ability to track multiple reasons and establish a cause-effect relationship.


Integrated with employee information database and third-party Worker’s Compensation Systems to make your work faster and streamlined. Generate OSHA, MSHA, and RIDDOR forms at the click of a button.


Built-in calendar generates action items and automatically assigns them to responsible personnel. E-mail notifications, reminders, and alerts are sent out to ensure the completion of all issued tasks.


Analyze near-miss reporting to identify potential hazards and risks to minimize incidents


Quickly retrieve information and updates on incidents using extensive search functionality that also supports fuzzy-search.


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