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Industrial Hygiene Management Software

Optimize your Industrial Hygiene program performance

ProcessMAP’s Industrial Hygiene (IH) suite equips Industrial Hygienists and EHS professionals to make informed decisions supported by reliable data and actionable insights. Our user-friendly software streamlines management of each site’s IH program and minimizes risks to safeguard and improve the health of your workforce by effectively managing occupational exposure levels.

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Industrial Hygiene Management

  • Interface Directly with Laboratories

  • Create and Manage Sampling Plans

  • Reduce Potential Liability and Manage Risk

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Streamline Industrial Hygiene Processes

    Synchronize your IH efforts across all locations and ensure enterprise-wide consistency in your program.         

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    Manage Sampling & Calibration

    Track and manage equipment calibration, inspection, and maintenance requirements through automated alerts.

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    Boost Your Profit Margin

    Boost your company’s bottom line by using sampling plans to optimize the use of your resources and eliminate redundancies.

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    Maintain Compliance

    Identify compliance issues through robust analytics, allowing you to compare sampling results to occupational exposure limits and other criteria.


Explore different sampling methodologies for air, noise and heat by capturing granular level data. Automate mapping exposure levels to a single worker or a group - in case of breach of limit value.


Represent your work environment with configurable and appropriate metrics. Render data through different exposure levels.


Automate your COC form and manage the sequencing of events through an assignment of responsibilities.


Capture Corrective and Preventive Actions associated with sampling exposure results. Assign ownership to an individual or a group.


Effortlessly manage preventive maintenance of calibration records or equipment. Improve equipment life through proactive management.


Seamlessly integrate with Chemicals Module or Activity Management Application to control for Corrective & Preventive Actions. With Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), you can easily interface with Third Party Applications.


Accelerate management decision processes by providing risk assessments based on severity, likelihood, control measures, and PPEs in place.


Manage comprehensive reports to capture information associated with sampling plans. Notify breach of exposure limits and pending action item information from the configurable email distribution list.


Leverage extensive repository of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for different hazardous environments based on sample results for improved Administrative control.


Automate update of lab results into a centralized repository. Effectively manage the 'exponential growth of data.


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