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EHS Training & Performance Management

A world class solution for managing your training program

Whether your goal is to drive performance or achieve compliance with frameworks such as OSHA, ISO, or corporate policies, you need an effective mechanism to identify skill gaps, administer training, and measure effectiveness. ProcessMAP’s Training Management solution enables you to create, schedule, reschedule, track and report on employee’s training and certifications – all from a central software interface. Take advantage of multiple training delivery options, including instructor-led, virtual, and off the shelf online courses designed for your employees.


  • Maximize ROI

  • Improve Performance

  • Deliver Customized Training

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    One-Stop Solution

    Manages training metrics and activities such as scheduling, tracking, attendance, instructor related activities, and course selection.

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    Address Skill Gaps

    Provides a comprehensive gap analysis to identify individual or user group needs and design training plans accordingly.

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    Automate Participation Tracking

    Maintains employee training records for participation and performance tracking. Automates reminders to stakeholders for upcoming and overdue activities.

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    Simplify Content Management

    Eliminates the cost and complexity of content management through integration with online regulatory and audit content providers.


Get real-time insights through a comprehensive management dashboard that shows key metrics in a simple visual format, giving you access to your employees' training performance.


Schedule and manage enrollments for classroom, online, or on-the-job training sessions.


Establish your own Corporate Library and assign training to employees based on their job role the organization or identified skill gaps.


Create development plans to onboard skills and competencies for your emplyees on topics of all varities including, Human Resources, Compliance, Haz-Mat, Environmental, and workplace safety.


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