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ProcessMAP’s Permit to Work Software (PTW Software)

ProcessMAP’s Permit to Work software is an intuitive, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade and integrated solution that allows organizations to efficiently manage and document the complete lifecycle of a permit to work (PTW) process, right from the initiation of a request to the approval and closure of the permit. With this solution, safety and operations-risk supervisors or managers, who work at facilities with high-risk activities, can manage more than 16 different types of permit to work (PTW) requests, including hot work, pipeline work, electrical work, confined space entry, demolition works, and several others from initiation to closure. Used by Fortune 1000 clients globally, the PTW system is highly configurable to fit your specific organizational requirements. Moreover, the solution enables your frontline workers and supervisors to complete the Permit to Work (PTW) process using tablets and smartphones on the go.

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Permit to Work

This solution helps manage workplace safety and mitigate operational risks by enabling.

  • Enhanced Transparency

  • Standardized and Streamlined Processes

  • Comprehensive Compliance

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Streamlined Permit to Work Process

    Manage all Permit to Work requests, document PTW reviews, streamline approvals, and actively manage tasks to mitigate risks with Permit to Work Software

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    Maintain Compliance

    Identify which permits should undergo a risk assessment done before work starts and manage a centralized repository of PPEs

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    Increased Effectiveness

    Identify and analyze hazards using various checklists based on the type of work such as hot work, confined space entry and others.

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    Alerts and Notifications

    Allows you to configure alerts and notifications for any kind of device throughout the Permit to Work process with Best Permit to Work Software

Permit to Work Software Features

Comprehensive permit to work (PTW) request form supporting various permit types, including but not limited to hot work, pipeline work and electrical work. The form can be configured to your company's specific business requirements without the need for a systems developer.


Allows you to configure workflow based on permit type and nature of permit (working/non-working day). Easily define the levels of authorization based on permit risk level.


Provides a holistic view of permit to work requests such as live permits, permits assigned, permits pending for authorization/ certification/isolation and permits to be closed.


Create and track action items for satisfactory completion of activities that are assigned, due, or past-due.


Seamless integration with the calendar module provides a holistic view of tasks and their statuses.


Ensure Security by creating user-based roles and providing permissions to prevent unauthorized user access.


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