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Permits Management Software

ProcessMAP’s Permits Management Software solution provides a central repository for storing and tracking permit-related data, including conditions, required tasks, renewal dates, and costs. Automated notifications and escalations enable the right stakeholders to quickly identify and remediate compliance risks.

Know more about our Cloud based EHS and Permits Management Software related information here

Permits Management

Know more about our Cloud-based EHS and Permits Management Software related information here

  • Manage the Full Permit Cycle

  • Maintain Audit Trail

  • Mitigate Fines and Penalties

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Central Database

    Stores permit requirements, such as conditions, expiration dates, and supporting documentation.

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    Enhanced Visibility

    Provides real-time visibility to the compliance status of each permit across the organization.

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    Automated Task Management

    Sends notifications around expiration and renewal dates. Tracks the status of tasks associated with each permit.

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    Cost Analysis

    Facilitates budget planning by tracking, analyzing, and providing reports on the cost associated with each permit.

Permits Management Software Features

A simple dashboard shows the number of permits by type, as well as expired permits or upcoming renewals at a glance.


Manage the complete permit lifecycle with a single easy-to-use platform, enabling consistency, efficiency, and compliance.


Organize and securely store all permit-related permitCloud-based documents in a central database with role-based access. Seamlessly track changes and updates to preserve document integrity while maintaining easy accessibility.


Stay audit-ready with built-in communication logs, automated document archiving, and activity tracking.


Track all tasks to on-time completion with escalations to the right party at the right time.


Easily configure and run reports on permit expiration and renewal due dates.


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