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On Demand Webinars

  • Adopting Principles of World-Class Manufacturing

    Watch this webinar to learn from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) - one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world - and Tarkett, a global leader in producing floor and wall coverings, along with ProcessMAP, the most trusted EHS cloud solution provider, to learn how adopting the principles of WCM drives EHS excellence and the actionable steps that you can undertake today to move along the EHS-WCM Maturity Model.

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  • USG’s Journey to Win the Robert W. Campbell Award

    Watch this webinar, as Katherine Smith, Program Manager, NSC Campbell Institute; Justin Dugas, Director, Health and Safety, USG Corporation; Steve Bolton, Research Director, Verdantix; and Harold Gubnitsky, President and Chief Strategy Officer, ProcessMAP, discuss how data management and systems play a key role in driving a health & safety focused business culture. The key takeaways from this webinar will include a better understanding of the Robert W. Campbell Award process, seeing real-life examples of systems used by a winning company, and hearing how next-generation solutions such as ProcessMAP’s EHS platform can help you achieve operational excellence.

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  • Mitigate Safety Incidents with Data Intelligence and Automation

    ProcessMAP, the industry pioneer in offering a highly scalable and robust cloud-based EHS data intelligence platform, partners with the University of South Florida to help companies across various industries to achieve unmatched excellence in the areas of health & safety, quality & compliance, and risk mitigation. Watch this interactive webinar to learn how you can leverage this partnership of OSHA, ProcessMAP, and USF to build a safety-driven culture in your company.

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  • The 5S Framework for Your Safety Data

    Using the “5S Methodology” as a framework, the panelists of this webinar discusses how to organize your company’s safety data to move along the “Safety Maturity Curve”. The panel discussion showcases how to undertake a comprehensive review of workplace activities that act as “Leading Indicators” and help drive injury prevention and to develop a stronger safety culture.

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  • Adopting Automation to Manage High Hazard Operations
    Performance Activities

    Regulatory requirements to manage high hazard operations may be challenging, but achieving compliance and ensuring employee safety can be easy! ProcessMAP, in collaboration with our partners STP and STC, hosted a “Best Practices” webinar that showcases the value of automation that robust EHS platforms bring to help companies easily manage their high hazard operations risk.

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  • How Smart Data Improves Safety and the Bottom Line
    Performance Activities

    Smart data can be used to predict incidents and has a positive impact on the company overall. This webinar will help you to learn about the impact of utilizing the connected technologies and how to improve the safety using smart predictive data.

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  • Using Scorecards to Track Leading Safety Performance Activities

    The safety activity scorecard is a tool to monitor the progress of activity completion by calculating a completion percentage of the safety leading activities and comparing it to a goal. Learn how you can use leading safety activity scorecards to increase performance visibility and establish consistency company-wide, empowering you to evaluate and improve safety in your organization.

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  • Using Leading Safety Activities to Advance Safety Objectives

    Are you relying solely on injury rates to measure and improve safety performance? Lagging indicators, such as injury rates, can be deceiving and provide limited visibility into looming risks and potential future incidents. Learn how your peers are using leading safety activities, safety scorecards, and proactive safety management to drive and monitor safety improvement.

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  • From Reactive to Predictive: How to Build a Preventative Safety Culture & Reduce Worker’s Compensation Costs

    Learn winning strategies, from Brake Parts, the premier global manufacturer and supplier of brake system components. Using EHS software and triage services, the company promotes a preventative safety culture, leading to a significant decrease in recordable incidents and workers’ compensation cost savings.

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  • 7 Steps to Incident & Claims Reduction

    Learn best practices and discover new approaches from world class organizations such as USG, a 15-time recipient of National Mining Association “Sentinels of Safety Award” and an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program “Star” designee.

    You will learn how to:

    Improve EHS metrics and reduce workers’ compensation costs with advanced analytics
    Drive compliance and reduce the time it takes to complete audits by up to 50%
    Advance your organization along the health and safety continuum – from data capture and reporting to predictive and preventative management.

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  • Safety Meets Finance: A Perfect Union Driving Bottom Line Results

    Lockton and ProcessMAP showcased how knowing which key performance indicators to capture, report and measure can impact driving employee behavior and, consequently, EBITDA.

    Correlating incident details such as root cause analysis with employee demographics and organization details, along with financial claim information, empowers organizations to:

    1. Be More Proactive on Decision-Making
    2. Improve their Health and Safety Culture
    3. Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims
    4. Mitigate Claim Expenses and Future Liabilities
    5. Create a Strong Return on Investment

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