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Protecting workers from exposure to workplace hazards and risks is a fundamental objective for occupational safety leaders. Digital risk management solutions founded on the principles of the hierarchy of controls can help your organization control the acute and chronic risks in the workplace. Elimination is at the top of the hierarchy of controls and is most effective in proactively mitigating hazards and risks and improving the safety of any workplace environment. While traditionally the hierarchy has been used to help determine how to implement effective and feasible controls, the concept has been refined and updated in conjunction with technology to effectively address hazards. Join Lidia Peterson from Vectrus and Phill Welch from ProcessMAP to gain a fresh perspective of how digital environment, health and safety solutions for proactive hazard analysis complement the hierarchy of controls in an industrial context. Take away practice guidance you can use to assess and analyze risks and adopt effective control measures to boost your organization’s safety performance.


What You Will Learn

  • Identify and analyze applications for the hierarchy of controls
  • Explain how to mitigate hazards through engineering, administrative controls and PPE
  • Develop deeper understanding of principles for developing and implementing a successful occupational
  • Implement controls using strategies developed through hazard identification and job hazard analysis
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